On Air Solare IGT’s 10th Anniversary and the Vineyard Chronicles

The 10 years of life of a great wine such as Solare IGT, produced by Capannelle of Gaiole in Chianti, will be among the themes of the Wine Station episode on air tomorrow, Saturday, Sept. 24, on Antenna Radio Esse. Winemaker-godfather Simone Monciatti, “Doc” from Siena, will tell the story of the Solare, a blend of Sangiovese and Malvasia Nera, which is celebrating 10 years of market presence (1996-2006), considering that it spends 5 years aging. The harvest is now under way: in the company of winemaker Valentino Ciarla, 38 years old from Velletri, we will understand how a freelance professional works in these hectic days between the grape harvest and weather assessments. In the space dedicated to flavor, the young chef of the Restaurant Canapone, Biagi Alessio from Grosseto, will be the star of a cooking-show scheduled for tomorrow in Florence during the second edition of the Wine Town,  that includes many events based on wine. Finally, for the last remnant of summer, we offer a menu of fresh fish: the one of  restaurant L’Asinello, which opened last April at Villa a Sesta, in the municipality of Castelnuovo Berardenga.

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