Wine Station from Vinitaly, between drinks and new trends

Wine Station will broadcast a special episode tomorrow, Saturday, April 8, 2011, from 12.10 to 13 on Antenna Radio Esse. Straight from Vinitaly, a journey to discover the new trends for the wines on display at the wine fair taking place in Verona.  Among new ideas, innovations and dynamic companies ready to face the future with greater optimism than ever before, this episode will pay a special tribute to the wines and flavors coming from two fast growing regions: Emilia Romagna and the Marche. Maurizio Manzoni (Enoteca Regionale Emilia Romagna) and Giuseppe Cristini (expert from the Marche in wines and foods) will explain all the enogastronomical reasons that lead many wine lovers to choose the two Italian regions as destinations of their journeys.  For Tuscany, ​​the Consorzio della Denominazione of San Gimignano, in collaboration with the Province of Siena and the University of Siena, present in Verona an important scientific project that will trace the DNA of wine. Letizia Cesani will explain what transparency inside a wine bottle really means, and analyze the proceedings of the five days in Verona.  Finally, the wines of the Maremma with the young Marco Monaci from Cantina Pieve Vecchia in Campagnatico in the province of Grosseto, a reality that offers attractive white wines (but not only) and the flavors with La Locanda del Glicine.

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