On Air with the new trustee of Slow Food Siena and the Japanese restaurant Minohama

The objectives of the new Slow Food Siena management, classes for a first approach to wine in Val d’Orcia, a glass of biological Vernaccia of San Gimignano and Japanese cuisine. This is the menu for today’s Wine Station episode, Saturday, January 15, broadcast from 12.10 to 13 on Antenna Radio Esse. Duccio Lazzaretti, a 37 year-old from Siena, has just followed  Marco Bechi at the head of Slow Food in Siena: at the microphones Wine Station will unveil the objectives of his mandate that, until 2014, will focus mainly on the diffusion of the slow culture among young people. Alessandra Ruggi, ONAV provincial commissioner, will present the current first approach to wine classes that will start Jan. 22 in San Quirico d’Orcia,  where you can learn all the secrets of the nectar of Bacchus in 18 lessons. The journey into the world of the Vernaccia of San Gimignano will stop at Podere La Castellaccia. The company, passionately run by Alessandro Tofanari, is dedicated to organic production and has great ambitions in view of the February Anteprima, to be held under the towers of San Gimignano. Finally, the classical food stop at the Japanese restaurant Minohama, opened a few days ago in Siena. Chef Nicholas will present his cuisine, which provides many solutions in addition to the classic sushi and sashimi.

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