We want grandmothers (and mothers) back to the kitchen!

Try shortening the time for baking a good lasagna. Or mushroom soup. It’s impossible. Unless we resort to the frozen food counter, and once at home, bake everything in the microwave. Then lay the table using paper plates and cups, and in 5 minutes lunch is served. What a sad picture! Nothing to do with the grandmother who cooked on Sundays for the whole family, with at least ten people sitting down at the table and lunch over the fire… and by fire I mean without technologically advanced means. Was she a witch? Did she have a magic wand or was it just time, desire or taste guiding the cooking of roast chicken with baked potatoes? If today it is no longer the case, blame it on the chronic lack of time, we are content to eat pre-cooked meals without pursuing quality and authentic flavors. The cause of this disruption could be the American model -all about fast foods- that we are importing to the disadvantage of the Mediterranean diet (which, among other things, just become a UNESCO intangible heritage of the humanity). Poor Italians who deny the good things of their culinary tradition! And do you know who noticed it? It is precisely the Yankees who nicknamed us “kitchen orphans”. A few days ago an article in the Wall Street Journal talked about how Italians have lost the habit of cooking and especially of eating well. And we cannot be too upset about it, since it’s the reality: the report drawn up by Censis for Coldiretti about Italians’ eating habits says that one third of the respondents were totally indifferent to the quality of what they eat. Help! We must put a stop to this food disaster and awaken the taste buds with a super tasty ammatriciana, rigorously cooked on the stove. If you don’t want to end up eating every day as if you were on an airplane (did you ever guess what’s in those containers?) or even worse, as the astronauts with a baked lasagna flavor pill. Oh, the horror!

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