The Sommelier Phenomenon

Italians, a people of sommeliers. Everywhere in Italy, more and more women and men go to class to learn the secrets of wine and make a great impression at dinner with their friends. It’s no longer all about football or cinema: now the Italians’ weekdays are filled with olfactory analyses, sensory tastings and clever combinations of wines and delicious food. Great, excellent, say the fans of the genre, certain that a more adequate food and wine culture is as essential as bread. Now, however, the aggressive marketing of some media groups brings each week to the newsstands sommelier courses on DVD, divided into a thousand episodes and accompanied by printed publications. But can you really understand the smell of a wine or the intensity of its taste without using your nose and mouth? We, the old traditionalists, strongly doubt that a remote control with the thumb stuck on the rewind button can be enough. Also, what could be better than an evening spent socializing and trying to find out if there really is in that glass a smell of wild musk or of the morning dew of the Alpi Apuane?

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